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Seiun Award

Tagged: Award

["Nebula Award"] The name for a set of genre prizes voted on by members of the annual Japanese Science Fiction Convention. These Awards take their name from the short-lived Seiun ["Nebula"], a single-issue magazine published by Tetsu Yano in 1954, and acknowledged as Japan's first. Despite the titular resemblance to the Nebula awards given by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the convention-going fan-centred voting process and footprint of the Seiun Awards is more similar to that of the Hugos. Considering the vast proportion of awards doled out to either Hayakawa Shobō publications or stories in Hayakawa's SF Magazine, a cynic might suggest they should be called the Hayakawa Aw...

"Space" Kingley

Tagged: Publication | Character

The tough and resourceful Captain "Space" Kingley was the hero of three UK children's Space-Opera annuals of the early 1950s. Beyond his pukka Britishness he displayed few individual characteristics. The sequence (which remains extremely difficult to date precisely; the dates here may not be reliable) comprises The Adventures of Captain "Space" Kingley (coll 1952) with stories by Ray Sonin, The "Space" Kingley Annual (coll 1953) with stories by Ernest A Player, and "Space" Kingley and the Secret Squadron (coll 1954) with stories by David White. All were heavily illustrated by R W Jobson. [JC/RR]"Space" Kingley Ray Sonin. The Adventures of Captain "Space" Kingley (London: Sampson Low, Marsto...

Strick, Philip

Tagged: Film | Author | Editor | Critic

(1939-2006) UK sf and film critic, anthologist, teacher, and director of a film library. In 1969 he initiated one of the first adult evening classes in sf in the UK, sponsored by the University of London at the City Literary Institute (see SF in the Classroom), which continued until 1992 under various tutors including John Clute, Colin Greenland, Peter Nicholls, Christopher Priest, Brian Stableford and Lisa Tuttle. Strick's Science Fiction Movies (1976) is a witty, rather helter-skelter account of sf Cinema, one of the best early books on the subject (despite its lack of a filmography). His film criticism continued to appear in Monthly Film Bulletin, later incorporated into Sight and Sound;...

Live Action Role Playing

Tagged: Game | Theme

Term used to describe a form of Role Playing Game in which players physically act out their parts, as opposed to speaking them in the manner of a radio drama. An actual environment (for example, a castle or a city) is used to stand in for the game's fictional setting. Two main forms exist: those in which physical actions such as combat are enacted using padded weapons and similar devices, and those in which a set of symbolic rules (or simply the judgement of the Gamemaster) are used to determine the outcome in such situations. Games of this latter, more sophisticated, type are sometimes known as "freeform" (especially if there are no explicit mechanics, and gameplay concentrates on conversat...

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